About Jo

About me…Jo Protrait

When you’re born into a family who frequently entertained on a large scale, you learn your cooking skills at a very young age.  All hands, no matter how small, are useful in the kitchen.

Food and cooking have always been my first love, but life has a habit of taking unexpected twists, and instead of becoming a chef, I ended up as a high-flying executive in the fashion industry.

During my many years in the corporate world, culminating in five years as head of production for a major high street clothing supplier, I frequently worked abroad and  indulged my passion for food and collated plenty of ideas along the way.

My career in fashion taught me a lot about event management and design, and when I was back on home soil, I catered for and managed my friends’ and family’s large events.

Eventually, I met my husband, had two beautiful crazy children and my life as a corporate hobo no longer fitted my domestic situation, so I changed direction.

‘Thyme In’ was born in 2006 on a small scale, formalising the events that I enjoyed organising.  Soon after, I spent 5 years training under the head chef of the game and wild food restaurant “The Pot Kiln” in Yattendon, Berkshire, which was owned and run by celebrity chef Mike Robinson. This sparked my passion for seasonal produce, hunting and foraging and paved the way to expand my own business with the skills I had gained.  Thyme In has continued to grow through personal recommendations and the rest, they say, is history……………………